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    Satoshi-era Bitcoin Miner Calls Craig Wright a Fraud Using "His" BTC Addresses

    Craig Wright. Source: a video screenshot, Coingeek It looks like, someone just signed a message calling Craig Wright a fraud by using...

    Форум: English

    25 май 2020 в 16:24
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    Tron Falls with Broader Market Despite Hype by Justin Sun

    Despite an ongoing campaign from Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun to hype an upcoming upgrade of his blockchain platform, TRX failed at...

    Форум: English

    25 май 2020 в 15:11
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    Bitcoin Bears Gain Control, Altcoins Holding Key Supports

    This past week, bitcoin failed to gain momentum above the USD 9,900 and USD 10,000 levels. As a result, there was a fresh bearish wave...

    Форум: English

    25 май 2020 в 12:56
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    Use Bitcoin, Gold, and Bonds as a Hedge Against Inflation - BitMEX

    With central banks and governments around the world injecting massive amounts of liquidity into financial markets, the threat of future...

    Форум: English

    25 май 2020 в 12:56
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    Second-Tier Exchanges Are A Vital Part of Crypto Ecosystem

    Source: Adobe/Azaliya (Elya Vatel) Everyone has heard of Coinbase, Binance, Kraken and other big exchanges, but few of us could name any...

    Форум: English

    24 май 2020 в 14:22
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    Analyzing the Regulatory Response: Cryptoassets and Digital Assets

    Keith Bear. Keith Bear is a Fellow at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, part of the Judge Business School at Cambridge...

    Форум: English

    24 май 2020 в 13:06
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    7 Main Post-Halving Bitcoin Narratives

    The third Bitcoin (BTC) halving has finally happened, hashrate dropped less than estimated, fees skyrocketed, but, contrary to the doom...

    Форум: English

    23 май 2020 в 14:09
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    Sleepy Bridges, Reentered China, Reopened Probes and 20 Crypto Jokes

    This week in crypto news: Bitcoin shortly neared USD 10K with altcoins gaining bullish momentum too, while BTC was still leaving...

    Форум: English

    23 май 2020 в 13:14
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    Ethereum 1.0 Has 'A Major Role' To Play Before Merging With ETH 2.0

    Source: Adobe/ happy_e Ethereum 2.0’s (ETH 2.0) first phase is approaching, but there’s still a major role for Ethereum 1.0 to play...

    Форум: English

    23 май 2020 в 03:05
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    57% of Surveyed Japanese Companies Set to Adopt Blockchain Technology

    A survey of Japanese businesses has found that 57% of companies are considering blockchain adoption – but most fear that Japan is...

    Форум: English

    23 май 2020 в 00:05
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    What Can Crypto Crisis Managers Learn From BlockFi's Silence & tBTC's Openness?

    A crisis will inevitably happen for any company - but how it reacts to it and communicates it to the public can make or break it. Let's...

    Форум: English

    22 май 2020 в 21:16