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    Why Are S Korean Crypto Projects Going Cool on Domestic Exchanges?

    South Korean cryptocurrency projects are abandoning domestic exchanges in favor of overseas platforms, per a new report. Fn News states...

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    19 авг 2019 в 20:05
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    Crypto Listing & Delisting Announcements: Week 33

    Below is our weekly collection of digital asset listing and delisting announcements by cryptocurrency exchanges that we found last week....

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    19 авг 2019 в 19:19
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    Crypto Market Sentiment Drop Softened Today; BTC Left Positive Zone

    The average crypto market sentiment measure, Sentscore, for the top 10 coins dropped further this Monday to 4.37, below last week’s 4.76...

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    19 авг 2019 в 16:59
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    Towards Crypto Adoption: Four Recent Announcements

    The Cryptoverse is bubbling with innovation and we are the witnesses of new steps being taken in this field on a daily basis. In a...

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    19 авг 2019 в 16:40
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    Japanese Giant Rakuten Enters Crypto Trading Business

    A screenshot of the app. In another victory for the crypto side of Japan, Rakuten Wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange and a subsidiary of...

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    19 авг 2019 в 13:33
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    Banking Giant Santander to Bring Ripple-Powered App to Latin America

    After launching its app for international payments, One Pay FX, which uses Ripple’s xCurrent solution, Spanish multinational banking...

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    19 авг 2019 в 13:21
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    Bitcoin and Altcoins Rebound Facing Resistance

    This past week, bitcoin price extended its decline and even traded below the USD 10,000 support. BTC/USD tested the USD 9,500 support...

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    19 авг 2019 в 11:56
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    BNB Jumps on New Binance Project, Venus, Announcement

    Source: Binance, Instagram Binance coin (BNB), the native token of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, jumped by more than 3% in two...

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    19 авг 2019 в 10:45
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    Власти США и Швейцарии обсудят проект Libra от Facebook

    На этой неделе состоится официальный визит делегации Палаты представителей США в Швейцарию, где пойдет встреча с местными регуляторами...

    Форум: Новости

    19 авг 2019 в 10:31
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    US and Swiss Regulators to Talk 'Complicated' Libra Subject This Week

    Six members of the American House of Representatives’ Financial Services Committee are traveling to Switzerland this week for talks on...

    Форум: English

    19 авг 2019 в 07:50
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    The Road of the Bitcoin Family: ‘We’re Spending Bitcoin for 2.5 Years’

    The Bitcoin Family. Source: Instagram, thebitcoinfamily The Bitcoin Family of five (Didi and Romaine Taihuttu, and their children Joli,...

    Форум: English

    18 авг 2019 в 14:19
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    Digital Piggy Banks And Books: How Crypto Industry Targets Kids

    While there are not many things that everyone in the cryptocurrency community can agree on, there is a shared belief that decentralized...

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    18 авг 2019 в 13:06
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    War For Control Over Money: How Can Governments Respond to Crypto?

    Governments have never really been big fans of crypto. Sure, the odd finance minister and president has praised blockchain technology or...

    Форум: English

    17 авг 2019 в 14:07
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    20 Crypto Jokes on the Way Back to USD 20K per Bitcoin

    This week in Bitcoin news: BTC dropped to USD 10.5K, while Ether and XRP remained steady and BCH rallied, then it dropped below USD 10K,...

    Форум: English

    17 авг 2019 в 13:14
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    Want to Buy ‘Virgin Bitcoin’? Be Ready to Pay 20% More, Says CEO

    Buyers of so-called "virgin bitcoins" are paying up to 20% more for coins with no transaction history, Flex Yan, CEO of Babel Finance, a...

    Форум: English

    16 авг 2019 в 17:40