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    1.New Blockchain

    A new generation of Blockchain will be launched and allow the expansion of transactions without speed limit in the future, adapting to the expansion to be suitable for the growing global population.

    Our researching team has developed a new blockchain that pioneers at the present and in the future, which help process and decode block quickly, highly secure and low-cost, providing a great experience in transactions.

    Besides that, it legalizes transactions to be simpler and more convenient than ever.

    2. Decentralize Exchange

    A decentralized trading platform on Bitcoin Millennium will be added, satisfying the needs of fully decentralized payments, with no geographical limitations and the impact of national governments.

    Bitcoin Millennium applies a new blockchain platform that makes it easy and convenient to connect and process transactions, breaking any user-touchable space close to the future world - the dominant cryptocurrency, decentralized liquidity will no longer be an obstacle to moving from place to place.

    Bitcoin Millennium guarantees outstanding speed token processing and extremely low transaction fees so that the community can come closer together.

    3. DeFi Payment Getway

    Bitcoin Millennium creates a fully decentralized smart payment application that allows connection to global e-commerce platforms.

    Users will pay for any costs for goods and services on the e-commerce site. It is set up as an unregulated intermediary with fiat and crypto or crypto to crypto gateways.

    4. Bitcoin Millennium Staking

    Bitcoin Millennium Staking Platform Creates Possibility to Increase Numbers.

    It is possible to increase the number of Bitcoin Millennium holders by participating in staking BTC tokens on the Stake platform. The algorithm is created by default on the smart contract, allowing Bitcoin Millennium loyal holders to increase their amount of Bitcoin unlimitedly with Stake and Unstake time options.
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