BTC - On the way up to sub $12k

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    BTC - On the way up to sub $12k
    Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD
    Expecting a push towards $12k supported by US markets regaining their bullish channels.

    Probabilities: move up:

    - OBV divergence
    - RSI retest
    - Bounce off 21 weekly
    Counter NB Marco environment means the markets can change any moment driven by economic impact

    Potential risk:
    - Expecting US markets to whipsaw over next month before last leg up.
    - This may lead to BTC testing the downward channel if breakout fails - $9k before moving up to $15+ end of year.
    - Always a possibility of futher decline as Weekly/daily RSI not bottomed out.
    Counter NB Breakout of long-term downward channel puts the market onto a bullish footing and risk on counter trading the trend. Economic impact will be deflationary driven by further QE leading to weaker dollar / stronger BTC/GLD

    On the ALT perspective, my previous summer targets were reached - e.g. BNB. Will look at what's next for these.

    Best, Hard Forky
    Always a newby ;)

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