DBL bottom STEEMUSD confirmed with BB KC FIBO + VOLUME

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    DBL bottom STEEMUSD confirmed with BB KC FIBO + VOLUME
    STEEM / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView) POLONIEX:STEEMUSD
    Parabolic SHORT opportunity presenting itself on $STEEMUSD as evidenced by the DBL bottom/volume/KC/BB/volume surge & otherwise. Targets 1 & 2 below

    Perhaps due to the recent rumors/news about Libra getting cold feet? For if LIBRA were to fall apart; that would leave STEEMIT the leading social media decentralized platform on the blockchain, as it has the most user-base & a solid roadmap after their scorched earth clean house -- whaever they did worked as they are rapidly progressing and satisfying their roadmap in stark contrast to the previous devs who literally kept the platform in BETA for half a decade.

    So if I had to guess as to what's causing the bullish signal on $STEEMUSD it'd probably be the recent news about LIBRA/VISA backing down, though the technical indicators seem to support a bullish outlook regardless; whatever the reason may be, it's a good time for entry.

    When in doubt, zoom out & in doing so it paints a pretty ugly picture for the outlook of $BTCUSD as we are most definitely due for a huge parabolic surge but it's going to get worse before it gets better...

    You know the cliche, "things get the darkest before dawn" and in the case of BTCUSD priceaction it does appear that way.

    IMHO we're in for another 2-3 selloffs before a retrace/consolidation & reversal.

    IN THE MEANTIME: I can definitely see altseason on the horizon with plenty of undersold & undervalued alts leveling out before BTC crosses 10.2k R again.

    HENCE, my recommendation would be to stick to short positions until we get out of this bear trap. There's plenty of money to be made -- both in USD & esp . in pairing against BTC (which I would not advise *unless you really know what you're doing* for i do not recommend novices attempt to play around with pairings unless they don't care if they lose their investments) as it took me a lot of trial/error and thousands of $$ lost over 2015-2016 before I could effectively establish a rhythm for pairing other tokens/coins against BTC & turn a profit even in bear markets (which I really honed my skills at during Cryptowinter) though I digress.

    • TP:1 0.1508
    • TP2: 0.1588

    • Stop: 0.1360


    Not financial advise; please trade responsibly. Always set stop-losses! DON"T FOMO/FUD

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