MA Crossover trading on Bitcoin by @ArShevelev

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    MA Crossover trading on Bitcoin by @ArShevelev
    Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract BITMEX:XBTUSD
    MA Crossover trading
    Trading the crossover MA is simple - if the fast MA crossed from below the slow MA, it means a further uptrend is likely. If crossed from above - it means a further downtrend is likely.

    Look at different time frames on the chart to find Crossovers.
    If you are looking at smaller time frames, then remember to look at the higher time frames (4 hours and daily). In any case, it is better to try not to trade against the trend, which is pronounced on higher time frames.

    Example how it looks on 4h timeframe:

    After all, the rule of successful trading is simple - buy at the bottom, sell at the top.
    So we try to open a deal on the first pullback when a signal appears on the hourly chart. In a calm market, this can be easily done. If the market is in a rush, then maybe it's good that we didn't succeed - it's better not to try to go out in a storm)

    That's the whole strategy. Do not forget about Risk Management.

    It remains only to determine how to exit the trade.
    Try to act like this: Of course, the stop loss must be in place from the very beginning. I try to keep it close to MA 9 on the 4h chart. If the amount of losses is too serious when setting such a stop (determined by the share of capital that we are ready to lose in one deal), then it is better not to enter the deal, but wait for a more favorable moment.
    If after the opening, the price moved against me and went half way to the stop, then depending on my confidence in the market, I either close and open in the opposite direction (reversal) in order to return the loss, or wait for the price to return to the level when I opened and I close the trade at zero or with a minimal profit.
    If the price moves quite briskly in the right direction, either close at the first “major” pullback (10 percent of this movement), or move profit with a stop loss, moving it at the MA level.

    On the chart
    I plotted chart with next MA setup: 9 as fastest MA, 25 as fast MA and 99 as slow MA.
    On the chart you can see resistance lines, which is also helpfull to determine furter direction. For example if we going to see breakout from trendline this will means we continue bullish trend (or fakeout) despite MA crossover.

    Wish you all success in trading and high profits!
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