OMGBTC - Quick update, the stage may be set? now with TP's!

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    OMGBTC - Quick update, the stage may be set? now with TP's!
    OmiseGO / Bitcoin BINANCE:OMGBTC
    Quick update on OMGBTC.

    Previous analysis showed us a history of bullflags and a potential bottom of that bullflag. Plus some signs to look for.

    The past few days, everything has pretty much played out to plan. But let's not jump the gun and sell the wife to buy OMG.

    We've got good support on EMA 100. Right on the cusp of our buy zone.

    MACD was looking unhealthy during the pop, and we're heading towards a cross into a potential rebound with shrinking reds. What's good MACD going to do for us?

    Stoch has been the signal in the past, it spikes into overbought area territory just before things really start to pop, and we're seeing a strong upward trajectory at the moment without being in overbought area yet. Potential for a cross, but at the moment, very strong sign.

    Overall thoughts:
    We might well be in the setup right now. General financial market movement could stifle the growth a little bit but in general patterns seem to be shortening across the board. If we see RSI continue to grow and strong candles keep posting we're on our way. I mean, obviously.

    TP: all along the fib, as this seems to be where resistance and support levels have been falling. If the market wants to use it, we'll abuse it.

    #1 - 0.00038
    #2 - 0.00054
    #3 - 0.00082 (previous high)
    #4 - Potential for higher gains... Last pop was 400%+

    SL: 0.00018 territory. If we break into the previous trendline it could be a signal of the end of the almighty OMG bullflag.
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    I'm a guy that you don't know posting his ideas on the internet for the sake of improving as a human being. If you take this as financial advice, that's on you.

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