Pre-empting Teatime?

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    Pre-empting Teatime?
    We have not been in this current pattern for long and the “markers” left in it are few. This forces Money Man to take longer shots with his targets and being more conservative with his “decision boxes”. Decision 1 and Green Target 1 are so close together that a trade might not seem worth the while, but offers a break even stop opportunity with a view to Green Target 2. If we reach Green Target 2, and even before at Green Target 1, many will start seeing a cup and handle and excitement would mount.
    Red Target 1 appeared now, because of the type of move we made down to here. I still believe that it will not have much strength, but could turn into a very strong double bottom , so watch out. Going down there and whipping up to above Decision Box 1 could whiplash us into orbit. If it fails, Red Target 2 is not on the chart as the resolution would be foxed. Money Man places Red Target 2 between 9 260 and 9 120!

    My Conclusion: Things have not settled out well enough to get many pointers as to what is likely, but there is a resemblance to the most recent curved bottom we just went through. On that basis, we do not need to be too negative, but if we break support, things could change quickly. Very Important to me: Please leave a like if you see some value in this or if you think somebody else would find some, Please comment to have a voice and develop this further, and Please follow if you think this is leading somewhere that you would like to know about.